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Automotive Services


BASE: Quick Clean + Disinfect

Automotive Care

  • Exterior hand wash

  • Hand dry to protect paint

  • Clean exterior windows, mirrors, wheels, and rims

  • Quick interior vacuum (carpets, seats, floor mats)

  • Points of contact disinfectant (steering wheel, shifter, radio, door handles)

  • Quick interior window wipe (large smudges removed)

$75 + Gratuity


ADD-ON: Steam Disinfectant

Automotive Care

  • Detailed steaming of carpets and seats

  • Steams surfaces at boiling temperatures, killing bacteria and other contaminants

  • Steam also removes stains, smudges, and other blemishes. 

$40 added to final bill


PREMIUM: Full Detail + Disinfect

Automotive Care

Exterior hand wash

Hand dry to protect paint

Clean all exterior surfaces and degrease to perfection (wheels, rims, wheel wells, etc)

Clean door jambs and treat with UV protectant for sleek finish

To of the line Carnauba hand wax - protects delicate clear coat and paint from the harsh elements for a month

Full interior vacuum - in depth removal of all contaminants in carpet, seats, floor mats.

Rubber floor mats washed and condition with UV protectant and cleaner

All interior surfaces wiped with disinfectant and then with high grade detail spray leaving a shine fit for the showroom (includes steering wheel, center console, radio, dashboard, speedometer, vents, cupholders, brake, etc.)

Interior windows fully cleaned

Leather seats cleaned and conditioned to ensure longevity

Carpets steamed to kill bacteria and other contaminants

Door panels disinfected, cleaned, and coated in UV protectant.

$175 + Gratuity

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